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Preliminary Dynamic Range numbers for the 32.5MP sensor - UPDATED
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Preliminary Dynamic Range numbers for the 32.5MP sensor - UPDATED

Over in FredMiranda's forums, cgarcia has done the analysis on an ISO 100 RAW from the 90D and come up with preliminary dynamic range numbers.

There should be enough RAW's out there in the wild to see photonstophotos also come up with their DR analysis soon I would imagine.

From FredMiranda;

I just have converted a a dpreview sample picture to test the DR. The results are slightly better compared to the 80D:

90D ISO 100:
DR at 32MP: 12.468
DR at 8MP: 13.480 (+1.012)
read noise: 2.80125

80D ISO 100:
DR at 24MP: 12.435 EV
DR at 8MP: 13.2343 (+0.7993)
read noise: 2.86601

Considering that Canon stuffed 32.5MP into an APS-C sensor, up from 24MP, while in a perfect world with no loss in efficiency it should be the same, that's not usually the case because in sensor wiring and transistors, and chip manufacturing geometries come into play.  So all things being equal, Canon improved the sensor enough so that the increase of resolution did not necessarily impact dynamic range.


There was further analysis done across the spectrum of ISO's and some excellent news was discovered.

It seems at higher ISO's the new sensor performs incredibly well.

(image from cgarcia)

So if you tend to shoot at higher ISO's you should see a fairly good dynamic range increase with the Canon 90D or M6 Mark II according to this preliminary data.

Update (Part Duex!)

After a few emails back and forth with Bill at Photonstophotos, Bill published his read noise results from the 90D files he had and plotted against the 80D results he already had acquired years back.  Bill isn't as impressed with the 90D sensor, feeling that it's very similar to the 80D with very modest gains.

Bill has updated his website as well, so you can compare the 90D for instance, against other cameras such as the Sony A6400.  Check out the interactive graph here.

How does the new sensor compare? Sony with the dual ISO technology they acquired from Aptina still rules the roost, with significantly lower noise from ISO 400 above.

So while Canon has jumped from 24MP to 32.5MP, it shows that they haven't made any generational gains in their sensor designs, and certainly haven't caught up to the latest technology present in Sony EXMOR sensors.

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