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Review: Canon EOS RP Video Features
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Review: Canon EOS RP Video Features

Imaging-Resource has completed their extensive review on the video features of the Canon EOS RP.

In a nutshell, just in case you haven't guessed it already, they conclude it's not really a good video camera.  Canon, for whatever reason, whether it be technological or a whim, has decided to extensively nerf the video features of the EOS RP.  We know that DIGIC 8 can do better.  We honestly don't know if the Canon 6D Mark II re-used sensor can do better 4K though.  We certainly know that it can do better 1080p than what the RP is doing, as the removal of the 24p option from 1080p video recording is a puzzling oversight by Canon that causes nothing but critical reviews of the camera.

To be fair, I doubt the casual user really cares that they don't' have the more filmic 24p video framerate on the RP.  Having it on 4K and not having it on 1080p and 720p is simply a marketing message that you really need to buy the EOS R if you want to shoot any sort of serious video work on Canon's RF mirrorless cameras.  That message is a bit unnecessary.

From the review;

Consistent frame rate options are kind of the base of a good video camera. If you don't get that right, then it's hard to say the camera can do its job well. In the case of the RP, the disappointing core of the camera is surrounded by what should have been seen as great video-making features, but instead will be ignored thanks to Canon's perplexing choice offer only a few frame rates options. Having both a headphone and mic jack, 4K capture, internal timelapse capture, clean HDMI out, great autofocus performance and good ISO performance all don't do anything for a video creator who doesn't have full access to basic frame rate choices. It doesn't help that Canon has yet to figure out how to make their Full HD footage look as crisp and rich as their 4K footage, and in 2019, it's becoming expected that cameras worth their salt also offer enhanced high-frame rate capture in Full HD at the very least, and 4Kp60 if they want to really get attention. Sadly, the RP doesn't do either of these things.

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