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Rumor: 32mm 1.4 coming to the EF-M? | Canon News
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Rumor: 32mm 1.4 coming to the EF-M?
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Rumor: 32mm 1.4 coming to the EF-M?

There's a rumor floating out there that Canon will release a 32mm (50mm equivalent) lens with a max aperture of 1.4 for the EF-M for Photokina (this September).

This is a while away so while the focal length has been pretty much confirmed, the aperture remains more of a guess at this point.

We think of the M50 is indeed more of an attempt to reach into the prosumer market with the current mirrorless cameras, Canon must also expand it's range with lenses that are more suitable for the prosumer.  The current array of EF-M lenses are mostly underrated by those that have never used them, however, prosumers also tend to buy primes. This would be a good step by Canon and start to address a need in the EF-M lineup.

Canon Rumors states;

We rate this information in two parts.

The [CR3] Part:

The lens will have a focal length of 32mm and won’t have IS.

The [CR2] Part:

The speed of the lens I haven’t been able to nail down with 100% certainty as of yet, it’ll either be f/1.4 or f/1.8 based on the conflicting information I have received.

Stay tuned!


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