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Sensor related Canon Patent Applications | Canon News
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Sensor related Canon Patent Applications
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Sensor related Canon Patent Applications

There was a few sensor patents, and we thought it would be better to summarize them all into one article.

Japan Patent Application 2019-149728

This patent deals with lowering the power required by slope ADC based image sensors.  Essentially the lower amount of power used by the sensor, the less heat generated.  The less heat generated, the less the noise produced.

This may be especially important for IBIS attached sensors because there is less opportunity to sink the heat away from the sensor, because it's floating and moving and not in a fixed position.


Japan Patent Application 2019-149608

This patent deals with how to read a dual pixel AF sensor faster and with higher accuracy and less errors.

Technically to read the pair of photodiodes that make up a pixel, it takes twice as long as it would if the sensor was not a dual pixel AF sensor.

This patent goes into how to reduce the measurement error as the shutter speeds increase and also when the shutter speed is extremely long.



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