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Skylum announces the release of Luminar 4
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Skylum announces the release of Luminar 4

Skylum Software announces the release of Luminar 4.

There are three different editions if you are purchasing Luminar for the first time;

  1. Inspiration Edition ($89) - Includes Luminar 4 ($89) and Inspiration Looks ($49) for $89, a savings of $49.
  2. Plus Edition ($99) - Includes Luminar 4 ($89), Inspiration Looks ($49) and Californa Sunsets ($25) a total of $163 for only $99 (a savings of $64)
  3. Max Edition ($169) - Includes Luminar 4 ($89), Inspiration Looks ($49), Californa Sunsets ($25) and Aurora HDR for only $169 (a savings of $93)

If you are upgrading from a prior version of Luminar, get Luminar 4 and Inspiration looks for only $74.

With any of these options, save an addition $10 by using our coupon code, CANONNEWS

Not sure you want to purchase Luminar 4? Then download a 7-day trial and give it a try.

The new and improved features of Luminar 4 are pretty impressive.  Some of them are;

NEW: Edit Module
A completely redesigned experience that improves the discoverability of tools and simplifies the editing process

NEW: AI Sky Replacement
Using Skylum’s machine learning technology, Luminar 4 is the first photo editor to offer fully automated sky replacement technology

NEW: AI Skin Enhancer
Automatically remove skin imperfections like acne, freckles, and moles in addition to smoothing skin

NEW: Portrait Enhancer
A collection of tools that improve any portrait ina natural yet pleasing way

NEW: Smart Contrast
Easily improve contrast where needed without destroying key details

NEW: AI Structure
Boosts details where needed without damagingthe rest of the photo — without selections,layers, or masks

NEW: Color Styles Library (LUT Mapping)
Quickly change the color and mood of your photos with cinematic color styles

NEW: Luminar Looks
Unlock creative options and quickly solve problems with adaptive presets

IMPROVED: Stability and performance

IMPROVED: Golden Hourfilter

IMPROVED: Denoise filter

IMPROVED: Adjustable Gradient filter

Check out some of the previews of Luminar 4 and purchase your copy today.

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