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So where's the 120MP DSLR?
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So where's the 120MP DSLR?

Just in case you have been sleeping over the past couple of years, Canon did a shock and awe announcement on Sept 8, 2015 announcing the development of a 120MP DSLR and 8K Video camera.

Now this isn't some ridiculous rumor, but an actual press announcement from Canon Japan, so it has a great deal of validity that something like this is certainly coming.

Canon has been showing off this 120MP prototype in a 5D styled camera body to anyone that has wanted to see it, and then some.

So where is it?

My personal guess is that this is the 5Ds Mark II.  However a rumor that is being floated about suggests that the 5Ds Mark II is only getting a relatively small bump up in resolution.  This wouldn't surprise me, because even Canon must know that "DR" for some unknown reason is considered the holy grail of photography and one can't take a photo unless you have over 13-14EV nowadays. The amount of internet noise that DR gets (see the 6D Mark II reviews) on it's importance even Canon has to pay attention.  So megapixels sacrificed for per pixel DR seems plausible. 

So maybe not a 5Ds mark II afterall..

The 1Ds line has been dormant for ages now (since the 1Ds Mark III in 2007(!), certainly this would be ideal to host not only a 120MP sensor, but the resultant electronics to keep the speed of the camera up to acceptable limits.

Going by how long Canon suggests it takes them to create a camera (1D camera takes around 3 years of development), we should be seeing this camera sometime in 2018.

One thing that is certain, if we don't start to see this progress further than a Canon exhibit display soon, you have to wonder if it's still a project within Canon.

Time will tell, stay tuned.. 

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