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Speedbooster for EF-M mount announced | Canon News
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Speedbooster for EF-M mount announced

One thing that snuck through Photokina without much fanfare was that Viltrox, as we reported a few months ago, showed off their speed booster for the EF-M mount.  Available later this month, for a price of around $180 USD, this will allow you to use your EF lenses at approximately their native focal length.  For instance, a 50mm lens will act like a 50mm field of view on an EF-M camera, instead of being a 1.6x crop of a 50mm field of view.

This is their Japanese webpage on the speed booster, loosely translated here is what they have to say about it.  Their site seems down today (Thursday) but we're sure it will be up soon.

Here are some details on the adapter;


  EF-EOS M2 adapter mount

  Compatible lenses

  Canon EF series lenses

  Compatible cameras

  Interchangeable-lens digital cameras that                      

  are compatible with Canon EF-M lenses

  Focus mode

  Auto focus

  Focal Lenth Multiplier            


  Optical  glasses

  4 groups, 4 glasses 

  Firmware upgrade

  USB upgrade port

  Tripod Socket

  Cu1/4"× 1

  Diameter and Length



  Approx. 145 g (excluding cap)

  Front cap

  Camera cover

  Rear cap

  Lens Dust cap

Now maybe metabones will wake up and do one as well :)

Viltrox adapters can be purchased through Amazon and also Ebay.

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