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Steve Huff switches to Canon because of the EOS R | Canon News
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Steve Huff switches to Canon because of the EOS R
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Steve Huff switches to Canon because of the EOS R

Steve Huff who up to now was a pretty big Sony reviewer has switched to Canon because of the EOS R.

The EOS R continues to get better and better as more people actually use the camera versus reading from the specification sheet.

As with most Canon cameras, they are usually greater than the sum of their specifications, and the EOS R is no different.

Yes, there is a litany of things that Canon can improve on it, and let's hope Canon's statements that they will improve the EOS R with firmware upgrades holds true.

Steve pretty boldly states;

The new Canon EOS-R has been a polarizing camera in the all mighty internet land of photographers, critics, pixel peepers, Sony shooters and even Canon system owners. Me, I decided to BUY this camera, so I could decide for myself if it would be worthy of what I needed for what I shoot. I will give you a spoiler up front…I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED, and in fact, I am thrilled that I made the choice to buy it as I have now switched over fully to Canon for my concert work, casual photographs as well as my video needs.

His review has a ton of information, and some really excellent sample photographs, it is worth a read.

Read his full article, and his reasoning here and Steve ...  welcome ;)



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