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Sundance 2018 - how does Canon fare? Surprisingly well. | Canon News
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Sundance 2018 - how does Canon fare? Surprisingly well.
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Sundance 2018 - how does Canon fare? Surprisingly well.

No film school did an article yesterday on the breakdown of films at the film festival and how Canon was represented.

If you have been reading various blogs, youtube videos, and sites like eoshd, you'd be wondering how Canon could possibly be in any film worth it's muster these days.  However, like most things Canon; they are usually better than the sum of their parts, and have a suprisingly good following.

How things broke down:

Camera Brands

  • Arri - 90
  • Canon - 37
  • Sony - 28

Most Popular Camera - Arri Alexa


  • Canon - 46
  • Cooke - 24
  • Panavision 16

Most Popular Lens - Canon EF series

Documentaries preferred the C300 or the FS7/5

Thrillers preferred Cooke lenses

Only three films were shot on film

14% of all short film were shot on DSLR

Read the article here...

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