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Sunday Rumor Roundup
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Sunday Rumor Roundup

A bunch of rumors have circulated this week, all of them point to interesting things are coming in 2018.

Fresh on the heels of the EOS M50 mirrorless camera, rumors are now suggesting that Canon is actively testing their full frame mirrorless cameras (or prototypes) in the field with explorers of light and other professionals.  Signs are pointing to a significant release of a full frame mirrorless camera around photokina this year.

CanonRumors reports;

We have now confirmed from a couple of good sources that a full frame mirrorless camera is well into its development cycle, as the camera is being used by select Canon pro photographers. 

This would be a tight fit for a photokina release this year, as it would have to be nearly done it's development cycle and heading into manufacturing and testing shortly.  These things take time to roll out.  CanonRumors suggest a 1Q 2019 release, and that is sounding about right if this report is accurate.

No other cameras are being rumored reliably at this time, Canon seems to have gone fairly quiet.  Photokina still around 5 months away.  Expect more announcements in the coming few months about models being released for Photokina from certification agencies which should help indicate what exact Canon is releasing.

On the lens front we have two lenses are that seem to be certainly coming soon;

The EF-M lens is slated to be coming out sometime before PhotoKina (perhaps with a new updated M5 camera body?), no other firm details exist at this time.  The 70-200 F4 IS USM II is expected to be coming soon, with a release in the next month or few months time.

It should be an interesting next few months rumors wise as Canon atypically never fails to make a splash at Photokina.





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