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The Canon EOS RP unseats the Sony A7 III in MAP Camera's March ranking
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The Canon EOS RP unseats the Sony A7 III in MAP Camera's March ranking

The Sony A7 III has been a best seller since basically Sony released it, and MAP camera has had it as a favorite camera as well for the majority of that time.

The month of march results was released and the Ricoh GR III taking #1 spot, but perhaps more surprisingly the EOS RP took #2 just ahead of the Sony A7 III.

Consider as well that the EOS RP was only available to sell from March 14th onwards.

- 1 Ricoh III GR 
- 2 Canon EOS RP
- 3 Sony A7 III
- 4 Sony A6400 
- 5 Fujifilm-T30 X 
- 6 Olympus TG-5 Tough 
- 7 Nikon Z6 
- 8 Canon EOS R 
- 9 Canon IXY200 
- 10 Panasonic LUMIX DC-G9 PRO 

Added from MAP Camera comments;

- 11 Nikon Z7 
- 12 of Sony Arufa7R III 
- 13 of Sony Arufa9 
- 14 place Olympus OM-D E-M1X

What I always found intriguing (or amusing really) is that not only does everyone purchase a Sony A7 III (a great success for Sony) but it also ranks as #1 sold on the used market.  That means in my mind, that people are buying it and not liking it and selling to others.  In numbers that exceed all other cameras, including older ones.   I'm sure there's more to this than what I'm thinking but it does strike me as a bit odd.

The re-sale (used camera) list:

- 1 Sony A7 III
- 2 Sony A7 II
- 3 Canon EOS 5D Mark III
- 4 Nikon D750
- 5 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
- 6 Canon EOS 6D
- 7 Fujifilm X-T20
- 8 Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II
- 9 Nikon D850
- 10 Ricoh GR II

MAP Camera is a large camera retailer in Japan.  See their results here

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