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The Nikon Zfc and Canon
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The Nikon Zfc and Canon

I don't usually talk about other cameras that often just because, well, I mean this is a Canon site.

However of all the companies, I pay attention to, the first and foremost is Nikon.  The reason? Canon usually follows Nikon's lead if they do something first.  The two companies tend to watch each other closely, tend to leapfrog each other, as they have been in competition for decades now.  A case could be made that Canon should be watching Sony more than Nikon, but I think it's just in Canon's DNA to respond and watch Nikon more.

Nikon is about to release the mirrorless Df equivalent in the Nikon Zfc.  I hope it's a great success for Nikon.  I like the looks of the camera, except the sensor size, as Nikon is releasing this camera as an APS-C camera.  Personally, I think that misses the mark with so many fantastic F1.8 full-frame primes available for the Z mount. 

I see this camera as a camera that is meant to compete against Fuji - especially with the Zfc's retro chops.  However, if you are going to compete against Fuji, you have to compete against the system, which includes a vast lens portfolio.  Nikon can only do that if they take them on with a full-frame camera, in my opinion.  It could be that the Df was a sales dud for them that they are reluctant to take that on again.

I'm struck by how ridiculously small an APS-C sensor looks inside of the mount, and how much physical wasted camera body volume occurs because of the smaller sensor.  It's simply not an optimal mount size for APS-C.  This is where Fuji, Sony, and even Canon's EOS-M have an advantage because they can pack more electronics in a similar-sized camera body because of their smaller mounts.  Consider this when thinking of the RF mount and APS-C.

I have long wanted a mirrorless retro camera from Canon.  I think it's part of their history that they have ignored in the digital era, and there were at least several landmark cameras from the FD and FL days that set Canon up to become the foremost camera manufacturer of the last 4 decades.  It could be that Canon feels somewhat ashamed by ditching the FD mount even though the EF mount has been an incredible success story.  This would be a great way circling back to the legacy FD mount and recognizing the rich Canon history that happened before the birth of EOS. Heck Canon could even make an RF to FD autofocus adapter if they wanted to.

There are many SLR cameras that Canon could model this after. The one that immediately pops into my mind is the A-1.   The A-1 remains as one of the more popular FD mount camera was first introduced in 1979.

Mir Photography my favorite long time resource on camera history has this wonderful statement about the A-1

[T]he Canon A-1 camera still remains as the ultimate reference camera for many. Its unique styling, original concept, durability and reliablility have been proven over these years and passed the enduring time test and emerged as a true classic. The rapid development, usage and the popularity of IC cicuits for automations in camera design have very much to thank for with this electronic marvel from Canon Inc. Japan.

I think this would be a favorite camera for people to see Canon model a "retro" camera off of and pay tribute to its long history making technologically advanced cameras.  With Canon's usual penchant for following Nikon, is the timing now right for Canon to take the leap into the retro market? I think Canon will very closely watch Nikon's sales with the Zfc and respond in kind of the market is there. Unlike Nikon though I hope Canon decides that full frame is the better option.

Thoughts? Would you purchase a Canon A-1D?

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