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The R5 is indeed the 5D equivalent for mirrorless
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The R5 is indeed the 5D equivalent for mirrorless

Techradar had an interview with Canon's David Parry, Canon's Product Marketing Specialist who went into some of the details about the R5.

About the Multi-function bar (also called the bar that everyone hates);

We've got the joystick on here, instead of the Multi-function bar. Everybody knows the multi-function bar on the EOS R got a mixed response – some people really got on with it, some people really couldn't get on with it at all," he said. "So maybe going with this is a safer bet – more people are used to the multi-controller. Because this is a 5-series, more people at that kind of level will expect functions similar to what you get on a 5D."

About the naming (most specifically the number) of the camera, and why this is called an R5.  Note that this leaves the door open for a possible R3 - but to be honest, I feel the 5 series firmly removed the need for such a camera body.  But a smaller camera based upon 1 series ergonomics may be a good thing for those pros wanting a smaller backup camera.

It's aimed at that level of the market. This isn't a replacement for the 5D Mark IV or anything like that. But this is a mirrorless 5-series, it's aimed at that segment of the market, which makes sense because in film days we had the EOS 5, then with digital DSLRs we had the 5D, and now we've got the R5 now. So it's all the same sort of level.

The internet experts have deemed it impossible for this camera to shoot 8K because Canon couldn't possibly handle the heat required to process 8K video.  David responds with some details;

We've been doing this for a while now and we've learnt a lot of techniques to dissipate heat on other products that we have in our lineup. For example, being able to move components around, and being able to have them further away from each other.  And being able to dissipate heat using different materials has been something we've been pretty proud of on other products. This is something we've learnt using both our camera and our video Cinema EOS series with that technology as well.

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