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Top 5 overrated camera features
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Top 5 overrated camera features

Today we find ourselves comparing against the ultimate technical features of cameras. Mattis Burling goes through his list of features of a camera that he feels what are the top 5 overrated features that he sees enthusiasts complain about;

  1. Resolution
  2. In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS)
  3. Electronic Viewfinders
  4. Number of System Lenses
  5. Dual Card Slots

Mattias explains further about his video;

I can't tell you how many people have contacted me because they can't settle on a camera. All because the online spec hunters have convinced them that some minor feature is an absolute must and that a camera without it is useless. When in fact, there are no bad cameras being made. They are all mind-blowingly good.

It's an interesting video, and I had a laugh thinking about how many times I've heard, even lately someone stating that a camera is unpurchasable to them unless it has 14 stops DR and IBIS.

While I don't necessarily agree with all his points, I can appreciate his position about the overall differences of systems that seem to be way overblown these days.  Part of the reasons is possible because the cameras are just so good overall.  You simply can't take a bad picture with any camera out there now.

Mattias has also created a secondary video about he feels are the most underrated features;

  1. Auto-ISO in all modes
  2. Color Science
  3. Top display
  4. Built-in Memory
  5. Global shutter

As with the overrated features, it's an interesting list of someone that uses both stills and video.  My list that primarily stills would be slightly different than this, as I would include something which he highlights but doesn't isolate which is ergonomics. I feel that should be certainly in the top 5 underrated features, while many discuss it, many don't see it as being important.

Whare are your lists?

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