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Two new EOS-M cameras and primes later in 2020
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Two new EOS-M cameras and primes later in 2020

It seems like the EOS-M may get some 2020 love.  The new rumor from CanonRumors is that the EOS-M lineup will have two new cameras and some new primes in the later part of 2020.

The M50 needs a competitive bump up as the competition around it's price point has gotten fierce from both Fujifilm and also Sony.

I would expect an M50 Mark II to sport Canon's newest sensor, upgraded AF and better 4K video than it's predecessor.  I would expect it to fall slightly under the capabilities of the M6 Mark II but of course, sport an EVF.

The second camera, I would expect it to be the fabled M5 Mark II. This is also fully expected after I purchased an M6 Mark II and have nicely gotten used of the power switch on the other side of the camera.  I fully expect this camera to be an APS-C "specification flagship" and will have basically everything Canon can throw into it.  If you've noticed Canon seems to have turned a leaf and unlike in the past, they want to lead when it comes to bullet point specifications.  IBIS would be a consideration, however, I can't see it being as good as the EOS RF IBIS, simply because of the slower communication speed, and the fact that it's unlikely that the EOS-M lens firmware is built for the advanced communication requirements of IBIS+IS.  If IBIS makes it to the M's expect it to be an either/or.  You can use the lens IS, or you can use the camera's IBIS.  The two won't run together.  I'd love to be wrong on this, but I'll believe it when I see it ;)

As far as the primes, well this was bound to happen after I purchased the Sigma primes. 

That's just the way the world works - am I right?

I'd expect something around 50mm, and I'd love to see two additional primes, the first a native 60mm F2.8 macro and the other, a wider prime, say around 15mm.  I think that would essentially give Canon a complete working kit of essential primes for the EOS-M.

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