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Two new supertelephotos coming in 2021 with the R1
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Two new supertelephotos coming in 2021 with the R1

We got our first confirmation that it appears as if some supertelephotos will be launched with the R1.  I suspect what will happen is that the R1 will be showcased at the Olympics next summer, but perhaps not readily available to the public, since the growing consensus seems to be that the R1 won't be available until later on in the year.

But make no mistake about it, the Olympic games are big for Canon - and they are even bigger when they are being held in Japan.  Canon will have it's best technology on display, and that means the RF mount.

The rumor, from CanonRumors states that one of them is the 300mm F2.8 however, no information on the second one was forthcoming.

Canon lately launched the 400 and 600mm with new designs to change both the weight and balance. It seems likely that the 300mm and 500mm redesign was suspended and effort put into the RF lenses instead, shortening their timeline to delivery. However, if we look in the past, Canon has launched the 300mm and 400mm together. So it's really anyone's guess at this point.  With the tele-extenders already available, Canon has many options available.

One thing I will be curious about is how they handle major defocus.  Kind of a problem with most mirrorless is that when the airy disc caused by being out of focus gets large enough, it loses contrast and becomes significantly difficult to auto focus.  This happens even on the vaunted Sony's.  Normal DSLR's actually have special auto focus sensors to calculate focus from major defocus.  How people get around it now, is to manually prefocus closer to the target to give the camera a chance to grab focus.  I'm hoping Canon comes out with a clever way to fix this on the R1 and their fast super telephotos.


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