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Updated Canon 70-200 F4 IS II image and specifications for both 70-200 lenses | Canon News
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Updated Canon 70-200 F4 IS II image and specifications for both 70-200 lenses
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Updated Canon 70-200 F4 IS II image and specifications for both 70-200 lenses

We have an further image of the 70-200 F4 IS II and some swedish pricing.  Also is a swedish PDF about both lenses.

EF 70-200 mm F 2.8 L IS III USM

  • Image stabilization effect: 3.5 steps
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 8
  • Overseas release date: August 2018
  • Overseas price: 24630 SEK (Swedish Krona)

EF 70-200 mm F 4 L IS II USM

  • Image stabilization effect: 5 steps
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 9
  • Weight: 780 g
  • Overseas release date: June 2018
  • Overseas price: 14990 SEK

The PDF Document loosely translates as:

Canon upgrades two of its most popular and well-known L series lenses, and is now launching the EF
70-200mm f / 4L IS II USM and EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS III USM. For many years, both models have been
important instrument for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. The two new lenses can be used for
many different objects, from portrait to wildlife, and confirms the main role of the 70-200mm lens
photographers equipment bag.

Michael Burnhill is European Product Specialist for Consumer Imaging Group at Canon Europe, and
commenting on the launch of the two lenses: "Following feedback from our global network of photographers
can we now proudly launch these two lenses. We always strive to deliver products with the best
quality and performance for today's visual storytellers. And to have a wide selection to respond
the photographers' needs in the best possible way. EF 70-200mm f / 4L IS II USM represents the finest in
L series optical technology. It has a compact size, is sturdy and lightweight. Lens EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS III
USM is unbeatable in terms of performance, flexibility and durability. "

Superior quality, robust and compact design - EF 70-200mm f / 4L IS II USM

EF 70-200mm f / 4L IS II USM builds on the predecessor's high standard. There it is superior
design, durability and ergonomic design that Canon's wide lens range is renowned for.
The lens weighs only 780 grams and is perfect for anyone on the move.
Fluorine coating prevents dirt and water drops on the front lens and anti-reflex treatment
Super Spectra eliminates reflexes and light bulbs. The fluorite lenses available in the lens can correct
color defects and guarantees high resolution and contrast images. The amazing and reliable
Image quality is invaluable when it comes to reducing time spent in post-processing.

The lens aperture f / 4 provides consistent exposure in many varying light conditions.
EF 70-200mm f / 4L IS II USM has a 9-leaf circular aperture that creates an attractive backdrop,
makes the background blurred and reinforces the subject itself. The new image stabilizer is based
The design of Canon EF 100-400mm f / 4.5-5.6L IS II USM. It delivers the corresponding effect as with a 5
step shorter shutter speed, compared to the previous three steps of the previous lens *.
EF 70-200mm f / 4L IS II USM uses a combination of an annular ultrasonic engine and third
generation technology with new high performance CPU and newly developed firmware for higher speed and
Accuracy and fast auto focus. The focus can also be adjusted manually and allows a close-up of 1 m,
to compare with the predecessor's 1.2 m. All these features make the EF 70-200mm f / 4L IS II USM perfect for
discreet and accurate photography, something that is needed for street photography to be really good.

High Performance, Versatile and Sustainable - EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS III USM

New EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS III USM makes the photographers experience even stronger. The lens was designed with
high performance and durability in mind and fits photographers who want a high-quality telephoto lens like
gives exact details. The lens sealing gaskets make it a sunny choice under challenging conditions.
It is protected against moisture and dust and the front and rear lenses are protected by
fluorine coatings and easy to clean. The updates in EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS III USM for
Tolerance means that the lens is perfect for high quality travel lists.
The lens opens up a whole world of creative possibilities with its large 8-leaf circular shape
aperture on f / 2.8. Now the photographer can raise sharp objects against silky, blurred backgrounds.

With premium fluorite and UD glass, the EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS III USM delivers high contrast and excellent
resolution. Photographers can feel completely confident in being able to achieve that perfect
picture. Low lightweight shooting is also no problem, thanks to the lens's maximum maximum aperture f / 2.8,
which is constant throughout the zoom range and emits twice as much light as a f / 4 lens.
The 3.5-step image stabilizer compensates for blur caused by motion. An annular USM engine provides
silent auto focus in outstanding speeds and manual adjustments can be made at any time through one
simple twist on the focus ring. All of these features make the EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS III USM exceptional
objective - for example, to perfectly and quietly photograph animals in their natural surroundings.


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