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Weekly patent application roundup for April 12th | Canon News
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Weekly patent application roundup for April 12th
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Weekly patent application roundup for April 12th

We're going back to our weekly roundup this week, because this week it seemed that Canon was applying for other patents than camera systems, dealing allot with printer related patent applications and less camera ones.

These patent applications tend to ebb and flow, but last week was certainly unusual.

Japan Patent Application 2018-061192

This sensor patent seems to be more geared to automotive applications, but any improvement of the sensor can lead to better stills and video imaging.

This is another global shutter patent application from Canon.

This appears to be furthering Canon's multiple sampling aspect of a global shutter which improves the dynamic range of the sensor.

Japan Patent Application 2018-061060

This deals with creating a electronic shutter with all pixels turning on and off at the same time.  An effect similar to a global shutter in that the shutter operation is performed at the same time for all pixels.

Japan Patent Application 2018-60980

Canon looks to taking a stacked sensors for wearable devices.  Instead of using the backside for processing, they use the back side to illuminate or provide the image output.  Top side takes the video / stills image, the bottom side shows it.  Neat stuff.


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