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New Hartblei SRA-I Superrotator adapter for RF mount
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New Hartblei SRA-I Superrotator adapter for RF mount

Are you looking to get tilt-shift working for the Canon EOS RF mount and thinking you want something without using RF to EF adapters?

Then this product may be for you.  If you also have great medium format glass, you may be able to use this as well.

Hartblei makes some esoteric adapters for your Canon EF and also Canon RF camera systems.

They just announced the release of the superrotator for the Canon RF mount.  There are some advantages to this adapter, such as having a built-in tripod mount so that if you are shifting the adapter while mounted on a tripod, you are actually shifting the camera body, not the lens.  This removes the possibility for parallax when stitching.

From Hartblei;

Hartblei SRA-I Superrotator adapter for E-Mount, L-Mount, EOS-R and Nikon-Z (all user interchangeable). Use all excellent Zeiss Hasselblad lenses with the famous, fully independent Tilt-Shift superrotator movements (10mm of shift as well as 8 degrees of tilt - both geared + self locking )and parallaxfree 3x 360ź Rotation. Tripod foot is Arca compatible (We also have a Pentacon mount version for the Users of Zeiss Jena Glass) Please PN me for more Infos - [email protected] The Item is available right now (built on order) - Price for all mounts is 1129,-Ű + according taxes (none for export, 19% VAT in Germany or EU without EU Tax number) and Shipment 

See Hartblei's website for more information

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