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New Luminar AI features bend photographic reality even further
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New Luminar AI features bend photographic reality even further

Luminar has announced some new features to its amazing portrait retouching kits.  I'm not going to get into the politics if some of these AI retouchings are necessary.  However, having done studio work in the past, I do VERY distinctly remember spending hours retouching images for clients that Luminar now does with a simple slider.  Face AI I would have certainly loved back in the studio.  Iris AI sounds like a dream.  I spent way too many waking hours in Photoshop. 

From Luminar;

After spending hundreds of hours interviewing and seeing portrait photographers at work, our AI Labs have introduced industry best skin retouching technology, and made editing portraits as easy as moving a slider.

Portrait editing is often filled with repetitive tasks — skin retouching, adding catchlights to the eyes, removing blemishes and so on. With LuminarAI, you can focus on what matters — your subject and your creative vision.

In LuminarAI, we’ve worked with pro photographers and retouchers to make perfect full body portraits and close ups — an industry first — with BodyAI and IrisAI.

BodyAI is the latest addition to a growing set of AI tools. It allows to make bodies appear lighter or add weight if needed. It works on full body portraits at every angle, including sitting, turned sideways or even lying down.

There’s a saying, “eyes are the windows to the soul,” and it is no wonder that portrait photographers pay so much attention to making sure catchlights are visible, irises are well defined and eyes are in focus.

With IrisAI, it’s easy to change the color of the eyes, add definition, or even go for a creative interpretation. Building upon a solid AI foundation, IrisAI recognizes faces straight on, sideways or even when one of the eyes is closed or obscured.

BodyAI and IrisAI are joining other groundbreaking AI tools in LuminarAI, including SkinAI for a pixel-perfect skin retouching, and FaceAI to help remove dark circles, enlarge eyes, improve eyebrows, and add lip color and definition. All without complicated techniques, dozens of layers and hours of tedious work.

Working together with professional retouchers, we strived for a realistic feel, so even if you like to dial in the effect to the max, LuminarAI helps maintain natural-looking proportions.

Release date
LuminarAI comes out this holiday season.



LuminarAI starts at just US$64 with the loyalty discount for Luminar or Aurora HDR customers.


LuminarAI starts at just US$74 for new customers.

All preorders include access to the LuminarAI Insiders community. Discover all the latest news about LuminarAI, features and other exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else. 

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