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Nikkei: In 2017, Canon continues to dominate marketshare | Canon News
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Nikkei: In 2017, Canon continues to dominate marketshare
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Nikkei: In 2017, Canon continues to dominate marketshare

Nikkei has produced statistics for last year's marketshare on both interchangeable lens cameras and also digital cameras including compacts.

While no great surprise that Canon ranks #1 in terms of sales, the amount that the top 3 manufacturers hold may be a surprise to some with the top three manufacturers holding a 87.3 and 89.1% of the market for ILC's and all cameras respectively.

Focusing on ILC's we see that the entire market has 11.2 million units sold for 2017, and around 12.3 million in 2017, with Canon selling 5.49 million units in 2017 and 5.55 million in 2016, for a net loss of units, however still a gain in marketshare.

Nikon fell approximately -.6% from 3.13 million units to 2.79 million units between 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Sony while having a modest marketshare, shows the only real net gains between 2016 and 2017, however, it's much easier to have net gains when you only have around 13% of the entire market. They went from 1.27 million units in 2016, to 1.49 million units in 2017, creeping up closer to Nikon.

  2016 2016 Units (M) 2017 2017 Units (M) Net Units (M)
Canon 45.20% 5.5596 49.10% 5.4992 -0.0604
Nikon 30.90% 3.8007 24.90% 2.7888 -1.0119
Sony 10.40% 1.2792 13.30% 1.4896 0.2104

For digital cameras on the whole, it's surprising that the big three sell approximately 89% of the entire market.  Leaving only around 10.9% for the likes of Ricoh, Panasonic, Fuji.   The strong 1" compacts of Canon propels it comfortably in first place with a strong showing from Sony at 20% in number three.

As with ILC's Sony is the only company to show a postive net unit sales between 2016 and 2017, selling 200,000 more units in 2017 then they did in 2016.  However, Canon still commands a healthy marketshare, and declined less than the entire market, and sold 136,000 less units, while holding a commanding 43.4% marketshare

  2016 2016 Units (M) 2017 2017 Units (M) Net Units (M)
Canon 34.60% 9.6845 43.40% 9.548 -0.137
Nikon 22.50% 6.2978 25.70% 5.654 -0.644
Sony 15.00% 4.1985 20.00% 4.4 0.2015




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